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A recall date has changed on a product I have been supplied; do I need to do anything?

Where a recall date change has been made this title will update in our system and only appear on the new recall week assigned. You will need to take steps to record the new recall date within your systems and processes that you use in your shop. Please refer to the Recall Date Change Policy for more information.


I have forgotten my password, can you remind me?

Yes, please select the "Forgotten Password?" link located on the login page and follow the prompts. Please refer to the Passwords Policy for more information..


How do I sign up?

In the top right corner, click on the "Register" option. Follow the prompts and complete your details and submit. You will receive e-mail notification within 7 days of your login and password details. If this does not occur, please contact our local customer service centre.


Can I change my password?

Yes, once you have logged in, you are able to manage your password by clicking on “CHANGE PASSWORD” located in the top right hand corner and following the password change prompts. Please refer to the Passwords Policy for more information.


I have a new email address, can I update it online?

This option is currently not available online. Please contact the Are Direct NZ Limited Call Centre to advise these details.


What happens to my Returns and Supplementary Returns once they have been submitted?

Data from these forms is sent to our ERP system and the return lodged against the title/issue. Please refer to the returns policy for more information.


Can I order back copies (old issues) of magazines?

Are Direct NZ Limited hold selected back issues for selected titles. Please contact the Call Centre to check if available.


How do I search for a publication(s)?

If you click on the “Title List” in the top right hand corner you will find an option to Search Titles. This comprehensive search option provides the opportunity to search using single or multiple choices by name, word, frequency, MPA category and/or barcode.





I can't login.


  • Have you sued the correct Username?
  • Have you used the correct Password? - if unsure click on the "Forgotten Password" button to get emailed a new password
  • Still having problems contact our call center

  • Note: The system has a limit on password failure attempts (=5), after which the account is locked out for a 15mins standdown. Wait 15 minutes before trying again.



    I can't generate a Picklist / Invoice / Credit note etc.

    If the report takes longer than 1 minute to generate you will get a timeout message. Please try to generate the report again. If it still doesn’t work contact our call centre.


    I can't print Picklists / Invoices / Credit notes.

    User machines Windows/IE/Adobe settings can affect printing reports from AD Portal. If you have generated the PDF and can view it on screen, printing problems are most likely related to your own IT system set up, not the AD Portal. Please check with your IT support. Your Internet Explorer may have security settings that won’t allow printing or saving documents from the Adobe PDF reader plug-in. As a test for the IE security, see if you can save/print the MagNews from the home page or any pdf from other websites.


    What is the web browser requirement for this site?

    Are Direct NZ Limited web site supports the following web browser

    • Internet Explorer 7+
    • FireFox 3+
    • Safari 3+
    • Google Chrome
    Other web browser may not function properly on this website



    I am not using a web browser on the list above, what should I do?

    You can download install/upgrade your web browser from the following link.