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Company Overview


Are Direct NZ Limited is one of the largest, established newspaper, book and magazine distributors.  Are Direct NZ Limited has over 100 years of retail distribution experience and distributes over 2,200 titles from over 250 publishers from around the world and we distribute to over 3200 retailers twice a week across New Zealand.

Ovato Retail Distribution provide expertise in the allocation, marketing, merchandising and distribution of magazines,  to supermarkets, bookstores, dairies, oil companies and other specialist retailers throughout New Zealand.
Ovato Retail Distribution are continuously improving their services – scanning the world for better solutions.  They are actively involved in the New Zealand and world publishing and distribution communities and a major sponsor of the New Zealand Magazine Awards.


Our services include expertise in Circulation & Allocation management, Trade Marketing, Retail Promotional Activation and Retail Representation with national chain retailers.


Are Direct NZ Limited are committed to building real partnerships with our retailers. Our category management team works closely with all national accounts on optimising ranges and sales.


Our focus is to make selling magazines easier for retailers through ongoing investment in supply chain reform, resulting in a more profitable category for retailers.