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Zinio is where the world reads, explores and interacts with the largest selection of magazines across today's most popular devices. News may break elsewhere, but stories live on Zinio. No other platform provides global access to thousands of magazine titles covering every major genre, industry, specialty and hobby. Zinio users download millions of magazine issues a month in 33 languages and 20 currencies – from almost every major global publisher. The company is focused on creating an intuitive and effortless digital experience that transforms how we read, from passive to active, from solo to social. Zinio users can easily search stories and topics that they are passionate about, share with friends, save and curate content, shop for products, and store all of their favorite magazines in Zinio across all of their favorite devices.

http://nz.zinio.com/ is the world's largest newstand.

Publishers wishing to reach a global audience with a digital version of their magazine can contact:


Peter Bennett 

DDI:  +64 9 928 4232

Mob: +64 21 534 537




Carmel Dowling

DDI: +64 9 928 4246

Mob: +64 29 979 3180