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Company History

John Speechly Gotch
The oldest brand in the PMP group, Gordon & Gotch was formed in 1853 when Alexander Gordon, a 63-year-old Scotsman gave 24-year-old Englishman John Gotch a job selling newspapers and drumming up advertisements. Gotch had previously sailed from America to Australia on board the clipper Peytona.


Wellington 1921-1953
Gordon offered Gotch a partnership if he could sell as many newspapers in the goldfields as he sold from his market shack under which they both slept at night.

The newly formed newspaper-delivery business flourished and they soon became partners as Gordon & Gotch with offices established in Sydney, London and Brisbane as the business expanded before the end of the 19th century.

It was not until Gotch was nearing the end of his life in 1899 it was decided to extend the company's activities to New Zealand. To this end the business of Herbert Baillie & Company in Wellington was acquired. In New Zealand, the business of the Wellington House had flourished from its inception and in view of the distances to be covered it soon became necessary to open additional branches. These were established in 1902 in Christchurch and in Auckland and Dunedin in 1904. Eventually Gordon & Gotch were split up and each country's division (Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada) were sold off.

Gordon & Gotch in New Zealand continued to operate as a monopoly until 1989 when a company called "Network" was established. Gordon & Gotch purchased Network in 1996. In 2003, News Corp sold all its newspaper interests and Gordon & Gotch to an Australian newspaper company John Fairfax Limited who in turn sold Gordon & Gotch to the PMP Group (a publicly listed integrated media services company).

Today Gordon & Gotch distribute around 2500 magazines to more than 7000 retail customers. Gordon & Gotch distribute leading NZ and imported magazine titles from the USA, UK, Australia and Asia. Quite simply Gordon & Gotch are at the heart of one of the most vibrant, competitive and successful magazine markets in the world.